The history of the yo-yo according to Elfverson & Co


The story begins in England,1926, where Gösta Elfverson had set up a glass-importing company called Elfverson & Co (London) with the aim of selling Swedish glass in that country. At some point of time he came across a yo-yo, that he felt could be made in wood at his brother's company in Sweden. In 1932 began the production of the yo-yo, which was made in pieces and then glued together, but a short while later the Production Manager, Ivan Pettersson, discovered a way to turn the yo-yo in one piece. It was the birth of Kalmartrissan, the Swedish yo-yo that has been made in the same way since the 1930’s. 


Kalmartrissan 1932- 1950

 The term Kalmartrissan refers to the one-piece wooden yo-yo sold in Sweden since 1932. . In the beginning, the logo of Kalmar castle was pad-printed on one side of the yo-yo, and the yo-yo was rounder than it is today. The original yo-yos were red or black.


This method was used for a few years, until the hot-foil method was introduced in the arly 1950's. The logo was also changed a little.


The yo-yos were still quite round and the gap was very narrow, only of 1.7 mm. This made it very easy to use for the beginner, as the yo-yo came up without hardly any effort, with the consequence that it was harder to make tricks.  

1950- 1999

A few years later the yo-yo was flattened to get a better print.  When the design was altered, the gap was widened to 2.2 mm. For decades the yo-yo was to be made the same way.  It was during the 1950's that the company also started making yo-yos for companies in other countries, see international



In 1999 we changed the gap once again, this time to 2.8 mm. The yo-yo is still a favorite for beginners but is now also better for doing tricks than its predecessors. In 2000 the site was launched and in 2003 the first yo-yos were sold on the internet in our shop  . 

2002 was the 70 birthday of the Kalmartrissa. To celebrate this, a yo-yo was made copying the original logo, but using hot-foil. That year, all yo-yos sold were made with that logo. 


In 2004 a limited edition yo-yo was made. For the first time, the yo-yo was stained to show the grain of the wood. Only a few hundred were made.


That same year a mini yo-yo was created. The yo-yo itself was made using tools from the Zapper of the 1960's. The logo was adapted from the 2002 edition and shorter strings were added.



In April 2005 the first and only Kalmartrissa Cup was held. The competition was an initiative from the school of Påryd, where the factory lies. The school challenged other schools in the Kalmar area and 7 schools responded. Newspapers, TV and radio were present. To see the article (in Swedish) at Östra Småland click here.

In 2007 we celebrated that we have produced Kalmartrissan for 75 years by participating in the publication of a book about yo-yos. The book was written in Swedish by Nisse Larsson and was called "Jojo boken". It was published by Nisses Böcker. To celebrate that, we produced a Kalmartrissa yo-yo with Nisses Böcker foiled on the other side. Only 300 yo-yos were produced that way.

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