Over the years we have produced a number of yo-yo models for different countries, most notably Canada and USA 

Cheerio Co 1958-1964

  In 1958 the first yo-yos were made for the Canadian company Cheerio.  Between 1958 and 1964 the following models were made for the Toronto based company: Rainbow, Rainbow ”C”, The Genuine Pro 99 Cheerio Top as well as the glued yo-yo Cheerio Big Chief, of which almost one million yo-yos were made!. To see more Cheerio's, click here


Royal Tops 1959-1962

  Between 1959 and 1962 Elfverson produced 540,000 yo-yos for an American company, The Royal Tops Manufacturing Company of Long Island, USA. 



National Company 1968-1977


In 1968 Elfverson & Co began producing Olympic and Pro Yo-Yos for the National Yo-Yo & Bo-Lo Company Limited, also based in Toronto. Between 1968 and 1977, Elfverson made 3,8 million Pros, 2 million Olympics , 400,000 Original Genuine Tournament yo-yos and 400,000 Juniors for the National Company.  


Union Wadding Company 1968-1973


Almost at the same time as Elfverson was making Olympics, a contact was made with the Union Wadding Company of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, USA. Elfverson produced yo-yos calleed Big Zapper and Zapper for them. 


Billy Panama 1969-1978

 Elfverson also produced Butterfly yo-yos, even whistling ones, for the German company Billy Panama for almost ten years




Parker 1978

 In 1978 National became the Parker Brothers Company, and  new models were created for them. With the Parker logo, 585,000 Pro’s and 285,000 Olympics were sold.  


Canada Games 1987-1990

   Between 1987 and 1995 1,5 million Pro and Olympic yo-yos were sold to another Canadian company, Canada Games. Once again, the Pro and Olympic logos were slightly changed.

  The Pro and Olympic yo-yos have also been known as ”the genuine Swedish wooden yo-yo”, as they have a small “Sweden” stamp on one side.



Action  Games & Toys 1988-1990

    At the same time as the Pro and Olympic yo-yos were sold to Canada Games, some where also made for an English Company, Action Games & Toys Ltd.





Playtoy 1997

  A more short lived Canadian yo-yo was the Classic / Classique, produced for Playtoy Industries in 1997. The company went bankrupt and only 340,000 Classiques were made.  



Active People 1998-1999

   Elfverson made a number of different yo-yos for Active People in Oberwil, Switzerland. These had    interesting names such as Woodyo, Champ, Play the Yo-Yo, Y-Burger and Techno



Irwin Toys 1999-2002

   In 1999 Irwin Toys, based in Toronto, took over the sale of Olympics and Pros. The    company declared bankruptcy in December 2002. 243,000 Pros and 56,000 Olympics were sold during these years.


Papa's Toy Company 2003-2005

     For two years Elfverson & Co sent Pro's and Olympics  to the Toronto based company.



Flambeau 2001-

    In 2001 Elfverson was contacted by Flambeau, Inc, of Wisconsin USA, and asked     to make some replicas of yo-yos from the 1950's. 


Whovianart 2006

    In 2006 we started sending a few yo-yos to an artist in Langley, Canada. To see the yo-yos, click here.